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Re: Разъем XLR 4-pin (www)

Автор: Ddd
Дата: 4.11.12, 04:58

в ответ на: Разъем XLR 4-pin (www) (+) (Valery)

1. "Four pin XLR connectors are used in a variety of applications.

They are the standard connector for intercom headsets, such as systems made by ClearCom and Telex. Two pins are used for the mono headphone signal and two pins for the unbalanced microphone signal.

Another common use is for DC power connections for professional film and video cameras and related equipment. Some desk microphones with LEDs use them. The fourth pin is used to power the LED indicating that the microphone is on. Other uses for the four pin XLR include some scrollers (colour changing devices for stage lighting), AMX analog lighting control (now obsolete) and some pyrotechnic equipment."

2. "To Communicate Using A Headset Or The Internal Mic

To communicate with other personnel on the system you can either use the built-in front panel
electret microphone or alternatively you can plug in an optional Tecpro headset using the front
panel XLR4 connector. An optional 27-912 Tecpro gooseneck mic is also available and this can
be plugged into the XLR4 connector as a further method of talking. Please see figure 4.

Ensure the circuit you want to communicate with is first selected – please see section 4.1

N.B. Connecting an optional headset will mute the front panel loudspeaker and the built-in front
panel electret mic. Plugging in an optional gooseneck mic will mute the internal electret mic only.

Figure 4 - Front panel headset XLR4 connector, internal mic and talk switch"

3. http://www.maddogs.tv/files/teletest-spec.pdf

Из чего можно сделать вывод, что, в отличие от устоявшейся аудио-раскладки трёхпинового, в этом может быть что угодно. Только по ссылке 9 вариантов и там явно не все. Что хотят, то и выводят.

4 pin XLR connector pinout

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